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At Shell Belles Balloons, we encourage our customers to be eco-friendly and conscious of their waste output. Instead of discarding your balloons at the end of an event, consider giving them a new lease of life.

Here are some ideas for ways you can re-purpose foil / mylar balloons;

However, if you do choose to recycle them, there are various options depending on the kind of balloon;


After your event, gently deflate the foil balloons by inserting a straw into the valve and press out the air.

Then carefully fold the balloon and store it in a cool, dry place. When you're ready to reuse it, simply blow it back up with air or helium and it's good to go!

However, it's important to note that foil balloons do have a limited lifespan and should only be reused a few times before needing to be disposed of properly.

How to reuse your balloons
How to deflate a foil helium balloon


Sticking with the party theme, why not reuse your helium balloons as funky gift wrap?

Balloons are manufactured in appealing colours that lend themselves perfectly to wrapping children’s gifts.

Alternatively, turn the balloon inside out and use the silver side for a classier parcel suitable for anyone.Instead of using the balloon foil as gift wrap, you could use it as tissue paper inside a gift bag.

Create gift wrap old foil balloons
Create gift wrap old foil balloons


A foil blanket is handy to keep in your first aid box for emergencies where your body temperature needs to be regulated.

To make a foil blanket, deflate your balloons and flatten them. Balloons vary in shape, so cut them into uniform squares of the same size.

Store the squares under a book to keep them flat while you work. Next, grab two large pieces of scrap cloth. Place one on your workstation and the other between the two squares of foil you wish to bond and your iron.

Apply heat to the silver side of the foil until the squares have bonded, then repeat until you have a blanket of your desired size.

Shop-bought foil blankets usually measure 130cm x 210cm, so you could aim for that size or personalise it to your family.

Create an emergency blanket with old foil balloons
Create an emergency blanket with old foil balloons
Crafts Activity


Crafting is fun for children and adults alike.

With their attractive shine and lightweight nature, foil balloons make an ideal addition to a wide range of craft projects — from scrapbooking to greeting cards.

Cut the balloon into the required shape, stick it down with craft glue, and admire the shimmer.

Children crafting with recycled foil balloons
Crafting with recycled foil balloons
Blue Plastic Granules


If you do choose to recycle them, there are various options depending on the kind of balloon;

Foil / Mylar Balloons
These are made with a plastic/nylon synthetic material that is recyclable but does not biodegrade. To ensure these balloons do not end up in the landfill.
We encourage our customers to recycle them, you can make use of the the Terracyclye Free Recycling Programme


Latex Balloons

We advise cutting up your latex balloons into smaller pieces and dispose of them in your household waste where they will decompose in landfill.

By reusing and recycling your balloons, you’ll be able to reduce waste and contribute to a sustainable future.

Recycle your balloons with the terra cycle scheme
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