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  • What colour latex balloons are available?
    All available colours can be seen on the Balloon Info Page
  • What Are Shell Belles Balloons Terms & Conditons
    GENERAL (a) The contract is for the hire and /or sale of equipment detailed on the contract. The parties to the contract are: (i) The Client, as an individual or an organisation whose official representative will be the signatory of the contract. (ii) Shell Belles Balloons. Premises at The Vineyard, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 7PX. No changes or additions shall be effective. Any condition not enforced or deemed invalid will not affect other condition. (b) All equipment hired remains the property of Shell Belles Balloons at all times. Purchased equipment remains the property of Shell Belles Balloons until full payment is received by Shell Belles Balloons. (c) Where The Client is in breach or subject to insolvency or liquidation proceedings, Shell Belles Balloons may terminate the contract and collect equipment without affecting any rights to recover monies owing or breach of contract damages. (d) Making payment to Shell Belles Balloons implies that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions. CHARGES (a) Hire charges will be for periods of 1 days (24 hours) or one week (7 days) or multiples, including Bank Holidays, as detailed on the hire contract. (b) Delivery and collection will be charged at current Shell Belles Balloons rates. Failed delivery and collection attempts will be charged at current rates. (c) A payment of 50% of the balance is due upon booking, with the final payment received no later than 6 weeks before the event. This is non-refundable. (d) Deposits will be requested as security on equipment hired and will be used against any outstanding payments. Any balance due is refunded back to the original source of the funds on return of equipment in sound / clean condition. . (e) Any parking fines or other parking costs incurred due to inadequate provisions made by the organisers of the event for delivery and collections by Shell Belles Balloons will be re-charged to The Client. (f) Any equipment unavailable for inspection or collection, after a reasonable time, will be deemed to be lost and a charge will be made to The Client equal to the current replacement value of the equipment. The Client agrees to pay for all equipment loss and repair. Hire charges will continue until full payment is made. (g) Equipment must be returned by The Client to Shell Belles Balloons in the same condition that Shell Belles Balloons supplied it to The Client. (h) All cancellations must be confirmed in writing at least 14 days before the hire equipment is due to go out on hire. In the event of a cancellation, the following cancellation charges will apply; 14 days or more prior to delivery - no charges payable by Hirer (with the exception of the non-refundable deposit payment) Up to 10 days prior to delivery - 30% total cost payable by Hirer (plus non-refundable deposit) Up to 5 days prior to delivery - 50% total cost payable by Hirer (plus non-refundable deposit) Up to 72 hours prior to delivery - full cost payable by Hirer (plus non-refundable deposit). RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CLIENT (a) Adequate delivery and collection access will be provided by The Client. Any loading, unloading, set up or break down assistance provided by Shell Belles Balloons is at The Clients risk. (b) The Client accepts full responsibility for the security and safe use of the equipment until collection or return to Shell Belles Balloons. (c) The Client shall return all crates and boxes supplied by Shell Belles Balloons. Failure to return these items will result in a charge for their full replacement value being made to The Client. (d) The Client agrees to insure all equipment on a full replacement basis against loss and theft. All insurance claim proceeds to be paid to Shell Belles Balloons on demand. RESPONSIBILITIES OF SHELL BELLES BALLOONS (a) Agreed hire rates will be maintained for the length of the contract. (b) Appropriate instruction on the safe use and operation of the equipment will be provided by Shell Belles Balloons. Shell Belles Balloons does not accept responsibility for any loss or injury caused by the use of company equipment. (c) If equipment cannot be supplied on the agreed date because of circumstances beyond its reasonable control, Shell Belles Balloons shall return all monies paid and not be liable to pay further compensation to The Client. (d) The liability of Shell Belles Balloons for any claims made by The Client will not exceed the contract charge and does not extend to any consequential or financial loss caused by late or non-delivery, unsuitability, breakdown or lawful repossession. (e) Balloons are, by nature, temporary items. Although Shell Belles Balloons uses only the finest quality balloons, some balloons will occasionally deflate sooner than expected and will also be adversely affected by wind, rain, rough handling, sunlight and air conditioning within venues. Shell Belles Balloons accept no responsibility for balloons which are affected by any of the above and other uncontrollable factors. HEALTH & SAFETY (a) Latex balloons pose no threat to humans, wildlife or the environment WHEN handled responsibly. Broken or uninflated balloons can cause harm to young children and pets and should be disposed of immediately. (b) Children under the age of seven (7) should be under constant adult supervision while playing with latex balloons. Balloons are a choking hazard and clients are responsible for not giving balloons to children three (3) years of age and younger. (c) Our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, but should not be released. They should be disposed of in a rubbish receptacle. (d) Inhaling helium can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and even death. Under no circumstances inhale helium from a balloon or from a helium tank. Inhaling helium is dangerous and can result in asphyxiation.
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